Scholarship Opportunities

Because of his father’s service in the military, Quincy’s family lived in a variety of communities. Once settled in Virginia, Quincy was a star student athlete at Woodbridge Senior High School (Woodbridge, Virginia) on the football, track, basketball, and cheerleading teams, but he also had a love for music and community work through the church. While attending Muskingum College (Muskingum, Ohio), Quincy participated in football and was a member of Phi Kappa Tau. He remained in Ohio and came to regard it as his second home. Quincy was proud of the diverse experiences he had living in communities across the world, and often talked about how they had helped shape him. The ideal candidate will exemplify those well-rounded qualities, show a determination for higher education, and an appreciation for the community they come from.

Over a decade ago, Rob and Luke had a vision of how they would like to honor their friend and brother that was taken too soon. They planned a day of remembrance for fraternity brothers and close friends and family to celebrate Quincy and keep his memory alive. That year at the First Annual Know Your Hole Golf Tournament, the seeds were planted that have blossomed into the Quincy Conner Foundation as we know it today. 

The application deadline for all scholarships is
April 15, 2019

The Memorial scholarship

The Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior from the state of Ohio that plans on attending Muskingum University.

The Q Scholarship

The Q Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior from Woodbridge Senior High School in Woodbridge, Virginia.

The legacy scholarship

The Legacy Scholarship will be available to a graduating high school senior from anywhere in the country that has lost a parent due to heart disease.  When we lost Quincy to that disease in 2005, he left behind a beautiful daughter who has grown up to become a bright and shining light in the life of everyone she touches. The ideal candidate for this scholarship will exemplify that same light, and demonstrate to us how he/she has taken their painful loss and channeled it into success, both in school and in life.  Quincy celebrated life every day and we are excited to find the candidate who shares that same celebration.


The “Q2” Renewal Scholarship will be awarded to any previous winners of the Memorial, Legacy or “Q” scholarships, still attending college.

Meet the 2018 Scholarship Winners!

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