Our Board consists of a dedicated group of Quincy's close friends who honor his legacy through a sustained philanthropic effort and inspire young people to continue their education despite their personal struggles. 

Our Board Members

The Quincy Conner Foundation is made up of many volunteers, supporters, and dedicated Board Members that freely and generously give their time to follow through on the vision and mission of the Foundation. Please feel free to contact any board member with suggestions or comments on how we can better serve you and the Foundation.

Steve Jones (President)

Steve Jones, President

Steve Jones, President

Steve met Quincy during their sixth grade year where they first ran track together. They quickly became fast friends and to this day Steve considers him to be one of his best friends in the world. There was no question to Steve about whether or not he should join the foundation and create a legacy to honor his life. Steve has been a member of the Foundation since its inception in 2009. 

Professionally, Steve is a Vice President of Global Marketing at Brown Brothers Harriman. He lives in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife Laurie and has two young daughters, Ava and Lyla. He has a passion for running, a cappella music, and enjoying time with his friends and family. He's thankful for this opportunity and humbled by the people we work with through the foundation, and the stories of the kids we help through the scholarship programs. 

He vows to continue to work diligently to honor Quincy's name and create a legacy of hope for kids that are striving to achieve more and challenge the status quo in their lives.

Lisa Kmatz (Treasurer)

Lisa Kmatz (Treasurer)

Lisa Kmatz (Treasurer)

Lisa Kmatz currently serves as the treasurer for TQCF and has been a part of the board of directors since its inception in 2009. Lisa chose to serve on this foundation to honor Quincy Conner's memory. She was inspired by the work that was being done to help keep his memory alive and from the support that was shown from every aspect of Quincy's life and wanted to be a part of it. Quincy was a good friend to Lisa's older brother in college, and he quickly became a part of her family in Ohio. Through her brother, Lisa grew very close to Quincy and became one of her best friends.

Lisa graduated from Muskingum with a BA in Public Affairs and Political Science in 2002 and received her MBA from Malone University in 2012. She is currently a Senior Mortgage Underwriter for KeyBank, with whom she has been working for for over 8 years.

Lisa is married to a very supportive husband and lives in Ohio with their dog, Apollo.

Emily J. McBurney (Secretary)

Emily McBurney (Secretary)

Emily McBurney (Secretary)

Emily McBurney is a 2001 graduate of Muskingum College with a B.A. in Political Science. She met Quincy at Muskingum through mutual friends and immediately loved his confident smile and huge laugh! Emily has been a volunteer and participant in the fundraising events sponsored by The Quincy Conner Foundation since 2009. Emily lives in Nashport, Ohio with her husband Rob McBurney, beautiful step-daughter Grace McBurney and she's a mom to a rambunctious toddler, Robert Greyson McBurney. Emily has worked since 2005 for the Coshocton County Prosecutor's Office as a Victim/Witness Coordinator. Emily enjoys running, spending time with family and giving back to her community.

Jody Guerrero (Family Liaison/5K & fun run co-Chair)

Jody Guerrero (Family Liaison/5Q Chair)

Jody Guerrero (Family Liaison/5Q Chair)

Jody Guerrero and Quincy are childhood friends from Woodbridge, Va. Jody wanted to be a part of the Quincy Conner Foundation to not only honor his friend, but to help young adults fulfill a dream to attend college and to share the impact that Quincy and his family had in his life. Jody is a realtor with Keller Williams in Reston, Va and enjoys helping people fulfill their dream of purchasing their dream home.

Jennifer Weaver (Scholarship Chair)

Jennifer Weaver  (Scholarship Chair)

Jennifer Weaver

(Scholarship Chair)

Jennifer Weaver is a graduate of Muskingum College, where she met and became fast friends with Quincy. She currently has been a part of the board since its inception in 2009. She is a resident of Columbus, Ohio and currently works as a registered nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. She enjoys traveling and attending concerts.

Rasheed Quash (PR/Social Media)

Rasheed and Quincy met at Lake Ridge Middle School and quickly became friends. As members of the Lake Ridge Middle School Basketball and Track and Field teams their friendship began to grow stronger. Later on, they continued their friendship through their time at Woodbridge High School while continuing to play on various sports teams, as well as, being lunch buddies.


Rasheed first ran in The Annual 5k and Fun Run in Lake Ridge, VA. Later in 2016 he joined The Quincy Conner Foundation’s Board as the PR / Social Media Chair. When asked about why he chose to serve as a part of The Quincy Conner Foundation, Rasheed replied, “Quincy and I shared some great times growing up. I was happy to join the board and be given the opportunity to serve the community and aspiring students in Quincy’s name.”

Rob McBurney & Lukas Ford

Rob McBurney & Lukas Ford (Co-Founders/Golf Tournament Chairs

Rob McBurney & Lukas Ford (Co-Founders/Golf Tournament Chairs

Rob McBurney met Quincy while attending Muskingum University and became good friends through their fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau. Rob & Luke started the TQCF in 2009 to honor their fallen brother, Quincy and to help celebrate his life. Rob currently resides in Zanesville, Ohio with his wife Emily and their two children Grace and Greyson. Rob manages a Verizon store and his hobbies include golf, fixing stuff, hanging out with his family, practical jokes and random shenanigans.

Lukas Ford met Quincy while attending Muskingum University and soon became good friends through their fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau. In 2009, he and fellow board member, Rob McBurney, started TQCF to honor their fallen brother, Quincy. They both felt that this is what Quincy would have wanted them to do - to help his family and celebrate his life. He currently resides in New Concord, Ohio with his wife, Jen, and three daughters (Brooke, Charley, and Bristol) and works for Centria, CCS-Coil Coating Services. His hobbies/passions include golf, fishing, older cars/trucks, restoring/rebuilding motorcycles, and construction/building projects.

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