A message from our Jen Weaver, Scholarship Chair.

It's that time of year again...

Believe it or not, reading scholarship applications is my favorite thing to do for the foundation. Students give us raw glimpses into their past experiences, challenges, and triumphs. They are refreshingly, sometimes heartbreakingly, honest. Applicants also make us privy to their most personal dreams and goals for their future. 

I'm sure the other board members would agree that helping these young people take the first step towards accomplishing their goals and making their dreams come true is the best possible reward for the hard work and countless hours that we all contribute to make The Quincy Conner Foundation a success.

I look forward to reading about the journeys that have brought this year's applicants to us. I do not look forward to having to choose between all the amazing stories.  Check back in May to learn more about our 2016 scholarship winners.