Runner Spotlight

Posted by: Jamie Kutchman Wynne

With the Annual 5K for Quincy less than two weeks away and runners starting to sign up like crazy, we thought it would be fun to feature the very first runner to register for this year's race. Drum roll, please. The very first runner to sign up for 2015 was James Bickley! Now it's time to hear from him in his own words...


How did you hear about the 5K?

I heard of this event through one of my closest friends [Tracey Watson] who happens to help run the foundation, and I was intrigued enough to want to know more.  Over our many many years of friendship, I have heard Tracey speak very fondly of Quincy. 

What motivated you to sign up?

When she mentioned his passing and how much he meant to her, his family, his friends and the community, I felt it was my obligation to support and share my time, energy and resources with those who loved him most as a way to continue his legacy through supporting of the values and community stewardship Quincy was so passionate about.  I never met him; however, to see those that have touched my life in such a positive way band together to do something selfless to enhance the lives of other, I just had to …. It feels good.

How have you been prepping for the race?

I am an avid running and often compete in high endurance events of all kind, so my training for this event has been helpful in training for others.  This is a great distance for a fun run, which make it even easier to say YES. 


A huge thanks to James for signing up and taking the time to answer some questions!

The race quickly approaching (Sept 26th hint hint) but luckily there's still time to register so be like James and make it happen! Hope to see everyone there!