7th Annual 'Know Your Hole' Golf Tournament: Observations from a Non-Golfer

Written by: Jenn Weaver

July 17, 2015 marked the 7th Annual 'Know Your Hole' Golf Tournament held this year in Columbus, Ohio. The tournament was set to begin with a shotgun start in the sweltering heat at high noon.

An unexpected one hour delay was serendipitous in that it presented the opportunity for Quincy's daughter, Trinity Conner, to share an essay she had written this past year for school that expressed what The Quincy Conner Foundation and their annual events mean to her. There wasn't a dry eye on the course. And let's remember, this is a mostly male event, so that's saying something. It was a poignant reminder that we don't all make this journey every year just for the golf.

As it happens, after such an inspirational start, great golf was played by all - some a little greater than others. Jason Hostetler and his team secured first place. Other teams came in second and third. Someone came closest to the pin and drove the farthest and putted the best. Thankfully there were no injuries, heat related incidents, or golf cart mishaps!

Honestly, here's what stands out about the Know Your Hole Tournament:

·       Year after year, individuals travel from all over the U.S. to support this event and those that can't make it to the tourney (or are terrible golfers) send donations.

·       Incredible sponsors express their support each year by donating time, materials, and money to make this tournament possible. 

·       We, as a foundation, are able to continue to hand out scholarships in memory of Quincy Conner because of the money raised – which totaled close to $12,000 this year! 

This tournament may not be the greatest group of golfers ever assembled, but what they lack in skill they make up for with heart. Thank you to everyone that made 2015 another successful year for the 'Know Your Hole' Golf Tournament!